This is not about some luxury, hobby, or a bit of playtime in the garden. This is about the deepest necessity of the human spirit to know itself in nature

Jay Griffiths


What is Forest School?

Forest School is an inspirational long-term process that offers children and young people regular outdoor experiences, throughout the seasons, and in all weathers. Forest School aims to increase the skills and knowledge of pupils through a child centred, holistic approach.

Forest School education is more than a single subject – it encompasses a vast range of topics and skill sets which are designed to promote independence and self-esteem. The beautiful surroundings and relaxed atmosphere bring new life to learning, as well as a better understanding of the environment and a healthy respect for God’s natural world.

What are the benefits of forest school learning?

  • Improved confidence and self-esteem through setting small, achievable steps.
  • An active participation in the direction of an individual’s own Forest School journey makes experiences relevant to participants, keeping them emotionally involved and thus routing learning more deeply.
  • Acquisition of lifelong learning skills such as resilience, resourcefulness, reciprocity
    and reflection.
  • Development of language and communication skills in a real context.
  • A better understanding of personal limits through the exposure to and negotiation of
  • Tuning of gross and fine motor skills through physical play.
  • Creation of a cohesive social group through shared experiences and team work.
  • The natural environment provides a stimulating environment full of sensory diversity.

You can see some images from our time spent in the forest this year here...