All of the staff at St Thomas More School are passionate about the care and education of our pupils.

We are proud to have very little staff turnover providing continuity and consistency across the teaching and learning in the school.



All the staff are great and very helpful. Thank you!

Parent Year 2


Mrs Mary Jo Hall BA (Hons) PGCE M.Phil

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs E McNally BEd (Hons)

Assistant Head Teacher

Mrs N Hall BA (Hons) Ed

Teaching Staff


Miss J Vinter BA (QTS)

Year 1

Mrs N Bissett B.ED (Hons)

Mrs N Edgar

Year 2

Mrs G Vallely BSc (Hons), PGCE

Year 3

Mrs N Hall BA (Hons) Ed

Miss L Hall MA QTS

Year 4

Mrs P Heath BSc (Hons) PGCE

Mrs M Sherwin MA PGCE

Year 5

Mrs M Bird BSc (Hons) QTS

Mrs M. Trevelyan, BA (Hons) PGCE

Year 6

Mrs E McNally BEd (Hons)

SEN Coordinator

K Moy B.ED Hons

Specialist Maths Teachers

Miss T Changer MA (Cantab), PGCE

Mrs M Fisher BA (Hons), B.Ed (Hons)

Music Teacher

Mrs A Lesslie BMus (Hons) PGCE

French Teacher

Mrs M Sherwin MA PGCE

Sports Coaches

Mrs A Head Level 2

Mr K Duers Level 2

Peripatetic Music Teachers

Mrs C Catlin

Mr E Dodge

Mrs C Simmons

Mr M Swainsbury

Mr T Hancock

Mr S Hynes

Mr P Wood

Mrs P Hopewell

Learning Assistants

Mrs R Meichen CertSTA

Mrs B Todd (NVQ L3)

Mrs K Poulter (NVQ L3)

Mrs C Vincent

Mrs R Williams

Mrs Z Harrington

Mrs L Connor 

Mrs F Dorren

Mrs C Budden

Mrs J Leigh

Mrs K Catling

IT Management


Office Staff

Mrs A Davies (Office Manager)

Mrs G Hollidge

Mrs R Meichen

Ms E Carver

Midday Assistants

Mrs R Meichen Supervisor

Mrs C Vincent

Mrs L Connor

Mrs F Dorren

Mrs Z Harrington

Mrs M de Jonge

J Belcher

Early Bird & Double Club

Mrs C Vincent

Mr A Cinque

Mr T Head

Mrs J Redwood

Ms C London

Mrs C Budden

Mrs J Thompson

Mrs M Gardiner

Miss I Revans

Miss S Revans

Catering Staff

Mrs L Norton

Mrs J Redwood

Mrs N Cinque

Premises Staff

Mrs R Meichen ( Premises Manager)  

Mr D Allison

Mrs C Vincent 

Cleaning Contractors

Click Clean 

Grounds Contractor

Ace of Spades