Year 1 Term 1a Term 1b Term 2a Term 2b Term 3a Term 3b
Topic Alice in Wonderland Festivals and Celebrations Blast Off to Space! ‘Once Upon a Time…’ Castles and fairy tales Forests and Wild Places Forest School at forest

South America

Forest School at forest

RE Domestic Church, Judaism Baptism, Advent, Christmas. Local Church, Eucharist Islam, Lent/Easter. Pentecost Reconciliation. Universal Church.
PSHE Friendship and belonging Special times People who help us How we can help others Being healthy Keeping fit and healthy
L & S Phase 3 & 5 Phase 3 & 5 and into Phase 6 Phase 4 & 5 Phase 6 Phase 4 & 5 Phase 6 Phase 5 Phase 6 Phase 5 Phase 6 Preparation for Year 2 spelling made easy programme

Fiction - Alice in Wonderland

Poetry – Adjectives and basic imagery 

Stories with Familiar Settings. Patterns and Rhyme. Well known stories – the Christmas story Poems on a Theme. Non-chronological reports. Traditional and Fairy Tales. Poems using the Senses. Poems using the Senses. Instructions. Stories with Familiar Settings. Cumulative- repetitive stories. Poems on a Theme
MA Counting in 10s, addition pairs and number bonds, 1 less/ 1 more. 2D shapes, sorting, estimating. Ordering and comparing numbers. 2 more/less, read, write and say 2 digit numbers, pairs and doubles. Addition and subtraction. Counting in 2s, 5s, 10s. 3D shapes. Odd and even numbers, halves and quarters, doubles and pairs, word problems, time, money, Number facts, weights, recording information, money, halves and quarters. (Progression of skills). Place value, pattern in number, time, measuring, repeating patterns, number facts, money, (Progression and consolidation of skills.)
SCI Parts of Animals Changing Seasons Comparing Materials Identifying materials Growing Plants Types of Animals
Computing Learning and acquiring new ICT skills. Becoming confident coders Painters Collectors Storytellers Celebrating
ART Painting and textiles Collage Collage, drawing & sculpture Printing and painting Collage, painting and drawing Clay, printing Free painting
DT Making mermaid and pirate costumes Making a Diva lamp (clay)  Making a space scene Make a castle structure  Sculpture Twig crowns Making a clay tile Cooking
MUS Singing games Preparation for KS1 Christmas Concert Untuned percussion Musical elements Preparation for Infant Summer Concert Musical elements
PE Foundation and multi skills. Gymnastics Bat and ball multi skills. Catch. Dance. Foundation and multi skills. Gymnastics. Foundation and multi skills, overhand throw. Dance Throwing and catching, multi skills. Gymnastics Bat and ball multiskills. Dance
FR Meeting and Greeting, Numbers 1-10, Classroom instructions, Birthdays Halloween, Colours, Likes/Dislikes, Noel Family, Weather, Songs Animals and Pets, Cher Zoo, Easter Days & Months, The Hungry Caterpillar, Colours Parts of the Body, Handa’s Surprise
HIS History of Pirates Guy Fawkes, Christmas in the past The moon landings Castles Famous explorers Machu Picchu, the Incas
GEOG Maps Diwalli, India Space, planets Local area study- castle and museum Different environments Finding locations using maps, atlases and Google Earth.