Year 6 Term 1a Term 1b Term 2a Term 2b Term 3a Term 3b
Topic Victorians Victorians Change Change World War II World War II
RE Loving; Other faith Judaism Vocation &Commitment Vocation &Commitment; Expectations Sources; Unity Unity; Death and New Life Witnesses; Healing Other faith: Islam Healing; Common Good
PSHE Class agreement Prefects and responsibility House Captains, School council, chaplaincy team; Democracy;

Staying safe; e-safety Parliament

Zones of regulation

Discrimination: rights and differences

Zones of regulation

Healthy lifestyles Anti-Bullying

Zones of regulation

Transition- moving on Independence

Financial capability

Grafham residential visit Relationships and Sex education

Crucial crew: drugs, bullying, internet safety, first aid, cycling safety; smoking, and alcohol awareness, fire safety.

ENGLISH Sp: ious, able, ible, ial, ant, ent, homophones;
R: The Eye of the Wolf ; Shakespeare- Macbeth
W: Harry Potter – instruction writing potions/spells; adverts for wands and brooms; recount- memories and studio visit recount; character description.
GPV: Apostrophes; extended noun phrases; colons ; semi-colons, direct speech, active/passive voice.
This is Your Life independent research project.
Biography/auto-biography; Diary writing.
Sp: prefixes- tele, circum. co, re
R: Develop inferred meanings; formality in texts; note taking. Fiction: Harry Potter,
W: Journalistic writing;
Scripts- news bulletins
Story: mythical creatures- The Glass Knight and the Lambton Worm. Arabian Knights
Non-chronological report;
GPV: Sentence structure; perfect verb forms; punctuation – bullet points.
Noun/verb use
Sp: ie, ei, ough; word roots.
R: Carrie’s War- Nina Bawden; Compare range of authors. Develop inference.
W: Discussion texts- balanced and persuasive arguments; add depth to paragraphs; use speech to advance action.
Myths and Legends: The Glass Knight, Lambton Worm.
Salamander’s Dream.
GPV: semi-colons; dashes; hyphens. Relative clauses..
Sp: prefixes, suffixes, double letters
R: Learn classic poems by heart.
W: Explanantion: hover bike, adverts;
explanations; leaflets;
Wallace and Gromit
Letters- formal/informal;
GPV: active and passive voice; synonyms, antonyms.
Grammar revision of KS2 objectives.
Spelling revision- Y5/6 word list.;
Sp: Silent letters.
R: Authors’ use of text structure; précis longer passages.
Comprehension practice SATs style.
W: Playscripts; techniques; footnotes; short story.
GPV: Subjunctive tense; ellipsis. Standard English.
Revision of progressive and perfect tense..
Sp: homophones ending in se or ce.
R: explain how contexts contribute to meaning
W: Extended story- Harris Burdick.
Adverts-persuausive writing.
Poetry; Change vocabulary to enhance effects.
GPV: Use a range of devices for cohesion- repetition, connectives; develop sentences using more than one subordinate clause.
MATHS Place value; four rules; x and ÷ by 10, 100 and 1000; rounding; Multiplication and division; Brackets and algebra. 2D and 3D shapes; circles; Angles Perimeter and area. Volume + - x ÷ fractions; percentages; ratio and proportion; inverse operations; sequences; formulae; negative nos. Converting measures. parallel lines; symmetry; nets Co-ordinates; reflecting on x and y axis. Subtraction of large nos. Equivalent fractions/decimals; factors, multiples, prime nos. ; money; Division by 2 digit nos.; Translating shapes; Averages; line graphs, pie charts; Decimal multiplication problems; describing functions and no. sequences; ratios; algebra puzzles Coordinates; calculating angles. Decimal place value; positive and negative nos. ; fractions and percentages; algebra; binary nos. Scaling by multiplying and dividing; multiplying by integers and decimals; Reading scales and measures problems; properties of 2D shapes; area, perimeter, volume.

Use division to find fractions of amounts; divide 4 digit nos. by 2 digit nos. Multiplication and division investigation; dividing with a decimal remainder; ratio; interpreting graphs; unusual multiplication methods; binary nos.; magic squares; Fibonacci sequence; % puzzles; word problems. Financial capability.

Time intervals; Coordinates; angles.

SCIENCE Living things and their habitats Evolution and inheritance Animals including humans Micro-organisms Light Electricity SATs Revision SWCHS Transition unit: Surface tension investigation
COMPUTING Algorithms Scratch Coding X tables game Skills-
Powerpoint- presentations using hyperlinks
We are adventure gamers. We are advertisers We are travel writers We are publishers
ART William Morris- tiling; repeating patterns Clay models: mythical dragons.

Silk Painting; Sketch books: observational drawing. Shading.

Clay models: mythical dragons.

A Sense of Place Landscapes Perspectives

Clay Tiles – landscapes

Folk art

Lichtenstein portraits Landscapes- Blitz Pastels
DT Food technology: afternoon tea cakes
Wand making- strengthening paper.
Food technology – Christmas cookery
Acrobat Toys
Food technology: Burritos Food technology Food technology Textiles: Sewing- Pencil Case Food technology
MUSIC Preparation for Carol composition competition Instrumental concert preparation Preparation for The Spirit of Christmas/Junior Christmas concert Ocarinas Part singing Blues to Rock and Roll Preparation for Junior production
PE Football; Tag-Rugby Swimming; Gymnastics: Tag-Rugby; Football Swimming; Handball; Football; Swimming; Sports-hall athletics. Golf Dance; Handball; Tag-Rugby; Swimming Cricket; Swimming; Athletics- running, hurdles, javelin, long jump; triple jump Cricket; Swimming; Rounders; athletics
FRENCH The four seasons; clothes; weather; months; numbers; perfect outfit – more detailed sentence structures. Outfit cont. phrases from memory and adaptation; fashion show; written reply to pen-friend; Christmas Town – places in the town; French geography; compass points and coordinates; directions; buildings Town cont. – sentence extension; asking for help; town trail; using a map; new adjectives; guide book; Easter French around the world- French-speaking country quiz; countries and continents; high frequency irregular verbs; holidays and transport; opinions. World tour; complex sentences; own world tour presentation; internet research; creation of fact file on country.
HISTORY Victorians – life and family of Victoria – life for children Change in Victorian Era     WW2 Causes of the war Life for families and children in the war
GEOGRAPHY     The World – mountain regions – climate zones-desert regions Local area Country – comparison to GB