Year 5 Term 1a Term 1b Term 2a Term 2b Term 3a Term 3b
RE Judaism, Ourselves, Life Choices Life Choices completed, Hope Mission, Memorial Sacrifice Sacrifice Transformation, Freedom & Responsibility Stewardship, Islam Faith (Diary entry: link with Literacy)
PSHE British & Catholic values, Qualities of good citizens Responsibilities. Respect. Learning from Mistakes. Personal development Lifestyle choices., Puberty Relationships (inc. sex education).

Verbal comprehension & sharing chronological reports.


Verbal comprehension & sharing chronological reports. Persuasive speech to be Eco Committee rep, debate. Learning and reciting poetry. Performance poetry Myths & Legends Drama. Drama, play scripts.
ENG Modern fiction- writing an adventure story. Continue with class reader & comprehension work Play scripts – YS Macbeth. Recounts, Stories which raise issues or dilemmas – comprehension work & class reader: Friend or Foe. Chronological reports Structural & Narrative poetry. Continue with class reader comprehension work. Persuasive writing. Comprehension work around class reader: Oranges in No Man’s Land Traditional stories: Myths & Legends (linked to Greek History). Reports – Ultimate Explorers, Film Narrative.
MA Place value, mental strategies, written addition & subt, measurement, decimal place value, time, mental mult & division. Mental & written mult & division, fractions, decimals & percentages, geometry & properties of shapes. Place value, written addition, subtr. mult. & division, geometry, equivalent fractions and decimals Written mult & division, problem solving, geometry, measurement, fractions, ratio & proportion. Problem solving, decimals, fractions, percentages, ratio & proportion, coordinates, reflections, rotations and translations. Written operations, problem solving, measurement, fractions, ratio and proportion.
SCI Earth, Sun and Moon Forces Properties and Changes of Materials. Changes of State. Life Cycles of Plants & Animals. Planting broad beans. Life Cycles of Humans.
Computing Word processing skills – MS Word, Space poster using Publisher, PPT presentation of still life artist. We are Architects (inc. photography of still life work). We are Game Developers. We are Cryptographers. We are Artists. We are Internet Safety Advisors.
ART Still Life Continuation of Still Life, Christmas cards/calendar.   Sculpture.   Designing a mask (linked to Mayan history – research masks through history).
DT     Bread (inc. learning about yeast).   Cam Toys (linked to Forces work in Science and Instructional Texts in Literacy).  
MUS Part singing/Rhythm grids Preparation for Spirit of Christmas and school Christmas concerts. Composition Part singing Ritornello. Preparation for summer show.
PE Football, Tag rugby, Golf Netball/basketball, Tag rugby, Gymnastics: symmetry & asymmetry Football, Handball, Dance (Water Cycle – cc. Geog). Netball/basketball, Tag rugby, Gymnastics: balance Cricket, Rounders, Tennis, Athletics. Athletics, Cricket, Rounders (all outdoor).
FR Bon Appetite At the cafe Musical instruments. Family. Possessive pronouns and adjectives. School and school routine. Numbers and letters. Telling the time.
HIS Ancient Egyptians: their influence and legacy Ancient Egyptians (Newspaper report: Discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb)     Ancient Greeks: their influence and legacy  
GEOG     Water: link to Eco about water conservation and work of Water Aid Rivers (inc. map work & fieldwork at Epping Forest).   Study of North America – compare and contrast to UK. (links with previous map and river work).
FOOD TECH Food Tech Food Tech Food Tech Food Tech Food Tech Food Tech
ECO     Eco: Conservation, waste and water management     Eco: Organic practices, harvesting & tasting produce