Reception Term 1a Term 1b Term 2a Term 2b Term 3a Term 3b

Alice in Wonderland

All About Me

Transport/People Who Help Us Fairy Tales Animals/Growing Dinosaurs Super Heroes/Holidays
RE Myself/ Welcome(Baptism) Birthday/Celebrating Gathering/Growing Growing Good News/Friends Our World
PSHE Making Relationships/How to be a Good Friend

Managing Feelings and Behaviours

Zones of regulation

Self Confidence and Self Awareness/Health and Self care Making Relationships Managing Feelings and Behaviours Self Confidence and Self Awareness/Health and Self Care
CCL Books- Elmer, Funny Bones, All about me, God made me special. Story sequences, early writing skills, name writing. Phase 2 Phonics Books - We All Go Travelling By, Mr Gumpy’s Outing. Story maps, writing about different types of transport. Story making (a magic carpet ride etc.) Books - The Gingerbread Man, The 3 Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Story maps, talk or writing, creating our own fairy tales. Phase 3 Phonics Fact writing, story patterns, retelling familiar stories and writing own. Planting and recording bean growth, discussing and writing about how things change, talk for writing. Phase 3/4 Phonics Books – Harry and his bucket full of Dinosaurs. Fiction and non-fiction. Fact writing, looking at similarities and differences. Phase 4 Phonics Books – Super pea. How to catch a ‘baddie’ writing, how to work together as a team, writing lists. Poems linked to holiday, post card writing,
MA Early number recognition, ordering, patterns and measuring. Patterns and shape, data handling, numbers to 20 and positional language. Addition and subtraction, weight and measuring, numbers to 20. Addition and subtraction, problem solving, money Numbers to 50, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. Addition and subtraction, shape and measuring. Addition and subtraction, shape, numbers to 100, patterns.
KoW Discovering our senses, understanding of the human body, Road surveys,  sharing journeys, map making, visits from 'people who help us' Learn about castles and the history behind them. Planting and growing beans, developing understanding of life cycles, farm/zoo trip Learning about dinosaurs and where they use to live, labelling. Learn about healthy and unhealthy bodies, explore magnets and magnetic materials
COMP Making Patterns, We Have Confidence (Switched On) We can take turns. Using ICT to film and record our favourite fairy tales. Using ICT to find out about animals. Short films and animation linked to dinosaurs We have feelings.
CD Self Portraits using a variety of materials, home corner role play, self-chosen construction. Role Play – Travel agents, dressing up, painting with wheels, peg aeroplanes , small word activities. Castle building, outdoor elf/fairy houses. Creating pictures of animals. Rousseau. Easter nests Kandinsky- shape.
Dinosaur eggs,
Cape making, mask making, superhero role play, collages
MUS Class songs and rhymes, singing games. Familiar songs and rhymes, un-tuned percussion, preparation for Christmas concert. Familiar songs and rhymes, un-tuned percussion. Musical elements, singing games. Musical elements, un-tuned percussion. Preparation for Infant summer concert.
PD/PE Dressing and undressing, listening to instructions, using space safely.
Gymnastics – balance (travelling).
Multi skills/ Underhand throwing. Dance – topic linked to dance festival. Gym - ravelling and balance. Dance – topic linked. Bat and ball skills, running.